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Technology Insurance

Many computer and technology related businesses first experience the Business Insurance & Professional Liability insurance purchase when they are pressing to secure their first large contract where they have been presented a lengthy list of Insurance Requirements.


Depending on the operation, Tech E&O can easily be combined with General Liability and Umbrella policies typically contained in standard contracts.


In home startups, growth companies and seasoned IT practices alike need professional liability or errors & omissions to cover liabilities from ‘wrongful acts’, errors or omissions and other occurrences that can create a financial loss for the firm and their customers.

Fee based firms as well as those selling services, hardware, software & maintenance all need E&O in addition to General Liability, Workers’ Compensation and other basic insurances.


Complex Solutions for High Tech Firms


As our clients grow and the marketplace changes, important decisions need to be made to protect firms from risks associated with your technology practice such as:

• Technology Products Coverage                   • Remediation of Errors/Breach

• Media & Advertising Liability                         • Worldwide Coverage Needs

• Intellectual Property                                       • Defense Costs Included

• Unauthorized Access                                     • Network Security

• Broadened Wrongful Act Wording                • International Operations Exposures    


Firms we represent include:

• Software Developers                                     • Website Development/Hosting

• Software Sales                                               • VOIP/ Integrated Telephony

• Systems Integration                                       • ISP/ASP Services

• Hardware Sales                                             • IT Consulting

• Server Maintenance                                      • Network Cabling/Wiring

• Backup/Virtual Storage                                 • Network Architecture/Design

• Online Sales/CRM/Vendor Mgt                    • Computer Programming

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