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Client 8

Brittany K., - Cherry Hill, NJ

I’m going to touch on a really exciting topic here for a moment...Insurance. If you don’t have a phenomenal insurance broker for your auto, home, etc. or just haven’t checked your rates in awhile- call my broker, for real.

I don’t know how they do it but they continually save me money without my coverage suffering. They do all the dirty work running numbers, researching things, explaining when you’re clueless like me, etc. Even if the price difference wasn’t there I’d continue to use them for the ease of service they provide with cancelling old policies, etc.

Recently by taking a look at some of my stuff they managed to save us so much more money that we’re effectively not paying our homeowners.

It’s a free service, and everyone I’ve recommended to them has been very happy. If you want their email or number, let me know.

Client 2

Larry R. - Cherry Hill, NJ

I had been with the same agent for 33 years. After one claim, the company non-renewed me. I called ABCO and, even with the claim, they were able to give me a package policy for my home in Cherry Hill, my home in Ventnor, my three autos and my umbrella policy. ABCO gave me better coverage and still saved me $1,600.

Client 6

Steve B., - Clayton, NJ

My family had been with the same agent and company for 18 years but our auto insurance rates kept increasing even though we had no accidents or tickets. I called ABCO and they priced our insurance through ten different companies and saved me almost $1,000 a year.

Client 5

Catherine A. - Cherry Hill, NJ

I hadn't priced my homeowner insurance for two years so I called ABCO, on the advice of a friend, and they saved me $600 on my home insurance; and, my friend was sent a $25 VISA gift card just for referring me.

Client 3

William M., - Ocean City, NJ

ABCO saved me $2,500 by bundling my auto, home, umbrella and rental property three years ago. This year ABCO was able to apply some additional discounts to my policies and saved me another $4,500. They also showed me how I could save money and earn airline points by paying the annual premium with my credit card.


Doug M., - Cherry Hill, NJ

I thought my insurance rates with Liberty Mutual were great because I was getting the Teacher Association Discount but decided to check with ABCO just to be sure. ABCO saved me another $1,800 on my home, auto and umbrella policies.

Client 4

Joe D. - Cherry Hill, NJ

I was with Allstate forever but I called ABCO to compare my rates because I had noticed that Allstate had increased drastically. ABCO was able to save me $2,500 on my auto and home insurance.


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