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Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

What is Commercial Property Insurance, and Do I Need?

​​You might question whether your commercial property has adequate coverage or if it is underinsured. ABCO lets you focus on managing your organization's assets, balance sheet, and growth while reducing high premium costs. ABCO compares rates from over 25+ insurance companies to assure you of the best available property insurance rates and terms because of our access to markets and our relationship with property underwriters.

Through every step of the assessment process, you benefit from the trusted advice of our property experts. We determine the efficiency of your existing property's design, terms, limits, structure, and retention. We analyze your property risks in order to uncover opportunities to meet your business goals and reduce your costs by finding you only the coverage that you require.

Your General Liability or Business Owner's Policy carriers can be quick to deny your claim and assert that they have no duty to defend you as result of a suit or claim based on your professional service.  Even the most confident professionals understand the cost of defense for a professional liability claim could compromise their practice and financial well-being far greater than the minimal cost of a Professional Liability policy.

What does Commercial Property Insurance cover?

  • Buildings -owned or leased

  • Business personal property

  • Computers

  • Interrupted business operations

  • Valuable papers

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