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Commercial Automobile Insurance

What is Commercial Auto Insurance and Do I Need It?

Commercial auto insurance protects you if you have a loss resulting from an auto accident and if you or an employee is found at fault. Commercial Auto Insurance helps to cover your damages by paying for property repair and replacement and medical expenses. Most businesses use some sort of transportation to get things done. Whether it's a haul across the country, a bakery, or back and forth from job sites, you need to protect your employees and your company. Get in touch with an ABCO Insurance expert today for solutions made for your unique needs.

Coverage for those who:

  • Own, lease, or rent vehicles

  • Have employees who drive their own vehicles for work purposes

  • Have employees who operate vehicles leased, rented, owned by the company

Coverages Include:

  • Liability

  • Uninsured motorist

  • Underinsured motorist

  • Physical damage

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